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Unter Null - Studio Burn Out

O Estúdio e residência dos Unter Null foi devastado recentemente por um forte incêndio. O Portal Gótico está solidário para com esta banda industrial americana e enviará por paypal uma pequena mas convicta contribuição [07/01/2009: a nossa contribuição já foi enviada]. Eis o relato na 1ª pessoa, é por demais esclarecedor:

I never have been in a fire and I am terrified for this to ever happen again.
Currently, I am in a hotel room with my mother, father and sister. We found our cat earlier this evening hiding in the tool shed. Our dogs are safe. No lives have been lost.

Current situation: My entire room used as a music studio is gone. It is completely black. My flat-screen monitor is melted into my keyboard. My M-Audio keyboard is, as you see in the post below, some warped Dali-esque thing. ((could now make an art project out of it)

More details as to what I remembered happened:
I went to bed at around 3:30 AM. I took 2 Benedryl as I do every night because I have a problem sleeping. I probably dozed off at around 3:45. I remember putting out the candles that I had lit in my studio previous to going to sleep.

My bed is located right outside the door of my studio ; as I like to separate work/music from bedtime. In my sleep I was having a waking dream of it being very warm and hearing things pop and crackle and things crash. I think I slowly came to, most likely because of the heat. The second I opened my eyes I think I realized something was very very wrong.

I flew out of bed, looked to my right (where the door to my studio is) and saw my door ajar with thick black smoke pouring out from the door. It was EXTREMELY hot. I have never felt such heat in my life.
Still in a half-sleep state, half-dream state ( I did not realize I was awake) I tapped the door with my finger to push it open a bit and I was met with a gust of heat, smoke, and flames in my face.
This woke me up completely and I ran like hell away from the room towards the other end of the house (upstairs) screaming "OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT" and I wasn't thinking clearly because this was all happening so fast.

I pounded on my sister's door which was directly across the hall from my studio and yelled 'WAKE UP GET OUT" and ran down the stairs still screaming "OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT".
My father came racing out of my parents' room at the bottom of the stairs compeltely oblivious as to what was going on. He went racing up the stairs and I heard him shout "GET OUT!!!!!!!!" to my sister. My mom came racing out of my parents' room next and had no idea what was going on. All I could say was 'FIRE FIRE BAD FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE CALL 911! CALL 911! CALL 911!!"

She raced to the phone and dialed and got connected as I ran to the sink and filled a 4-cup measuring cup with water. The water wasn't pouring fast enough into the cup. I had no idea what I was doing at the time, I was at then going on instinct and adrenaline. I raced back up stairs, which was fucking stupid of me, (my sister and dad were now downstairs) and I tried to approach my room. The heat, the smoke, the air was so heavy and hot and dense.. I can't even describe it. It suffocated me and I became dizzy and wanted to sit down. I made it to the door of my studio, opened the door, and the rush of hot air in my face was overwhelming. I threw the cup of water into the room and ran away immediately because the heat and smoke was unbearable.

if you can donate anything:
please either mail me at UNTERNULL@GMAIL.COM

I hate to do this because I feel like an asshole but as my entire family is currently totally screwed and living out of a hotel and trash-bags.

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