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Nova vocalista dos Xandria - Kerstin Bischof

Kerstin Bischof, xandriaOs Xandria contam com uma nova vocalista que irá substituir a Lisa Middelhauve.

Kerstin Bischof é já oficialmente a detentora dos vocais na banda. Alguns dados sobre Kerstin:

Birthday: 17.12.1980
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Kerstin BischofFavorite ...
Xandria Song: Some like it cold, India, Ginger, and the new songs, but I cannot tell yet ;-)
Bands: The Gathering, The Tea Party, Jorn, Symphony X, Children of Bodom
Album: From the choir girl hotel - Tori Amos
Song: Cruel - Tori Amos
Musician: Tori Amos, Björk, Jack Black
Book: Bone Black - Bell Hooks , Cat On A Hot Tin Roof - Tennessee Williams
Film: I am legend
Beverage: Milk
Cocktail: Milk liqueur with 43 :-), White Russian
Eating: almost everything except fish
City (Germany): Karlsruhe
City (International): Edinburgh
Season: Winter
Time of day: Twilight
Weather: stormy rain :-)
cat, Leonberger (Dog)
Favorite subject in school: philosophy

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