sábado, 28 de março de 2009

Os Placebo apresentam o alinhamento de "Battle for The Sun"

O novo álbum a ser lançado pelos Placebo "Battle For The Sun" já tem o alinhamento definido e segundo Molko :

"I believe 'Battle' to be the first of our albums to tell a story over the course of its 52 minutes. Our previous releases were really only collections of songs and even though the songs are ordered according to the musical flow, I hope that if you listen hard enough to the words that some kind of discernible thematic unity will begin to emerge."

01. Kitty Litter / 02. Ashtray Heart / 03. Battle for the Sun / 04. For What it’s worth / 05. Devil in the Details / 06. Bright Lights / 07. Speak in Tongues / 08. The never-ending Why / 09. Julien / 10. Happy you're gone / 11. Breathe Underwater / 12. Come undone / 13. Kings Of Medicine

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