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Red Industrie - Entrevista

Os mexicanos Red Industrie acabam de lançar o seu segundo álbum: "Switch!". Aqui deixamos uma entrevista a Red Industrie sobre a banda, o álbum e as respectivas músicas.

RED INDUSTRIE -what's the Background to your bandname ?
I wanted a name that were on more than one language, and wanted something “industrial” and “retro” and reflecting soviet stuff like the cold war or so (at the beginning) and I though about “red” as is a colour for soviet stuff and associated with the star of the logo immediately. Then needed something else “red --- what?” and then needed something industrial, and I wanted to be in French/German written “industrie” but its complete pronounced “red industry” just written “red industrie” or in Spanish”industria roja” that sounds very communist or soviet. I don’t hate capitalism, but I criticize consumism and I like some ideas of the soviet stuff, besides in all industrial all school names is associated the star and the soviet stuff, like the Nitzer Ebb album “that total age”.

Helder, besides RED INDUSTRIE, you work on a second project called ISIS SIGNUM. How do you separate them from each other?

- Helder: I just don’t have Isis Signum, also have W.A.R.D.R.O.B.E. with a suicide girl on vocals, we have done some live shows and have an album too. And have been in the past Pro:activ (and released a track on Infacted 2 compilation) and have been Optical Frequence (and released a track on Infacted 1 compilation). Isis Signum it’s the most recognized one for the several compilations in Europe I have been appearing at, and for the vocals by Sara Noxx, Ayria and many others very known on the scene, that helped a lot.
The difference is that for me Isis Signum was something with other “divas” I wanted to do, very electroclash, very female vocals, etc. but Red Industrie, is my core, my essence and I have been enjoying it very much as the best project to me know, and as I do front and main vocals there, lets say its my essence, my heart. Also have the opportunity to play totally live with Red Industrie and be at the front on vocals, and its very nice the feeling. And Red Industrie its more underground, I think.

How long did it take you to compose the album SWITCH ?
- Helder: I needed 1 year or little less as some songs lets say were lefted out from “ciencia ficcion” the debut cd, for time, unfinished, etc. then I was contacted by some labels in 2009 telling me that need to prepare something “unreleased before” and “exclusive” for a contract, then I worked hard on the songs ai had unfinished and look out for producer and did the rest final touches. So take like 9 months or so, the producer time, the mastering time, the vocals time and remixers needed their time too. But lets say was cocked since 2008 as were part of ideas I had for “ciencia ficcion”. Now im working on the next one hehe ;)

How do you describe the GENRE of RED INDUSTRIE ?
- Helder: my style it’s a combination of several “subgeneres” and you can labelled as what you want, but me, I define it as “futureclash body music” or a combination of “synthpop+ebm+electro with a very tendence to electroclash” futureclash is what I call to the “next generation” sounds and artists of synthpop+ electroclash.

We notice well-known guesst like Psyche and Sara Noxx appearing on the album. Why did you consider those musicians for duet collaboration?
- Helder: its easy, first, cause both are my friends and I have even meet them in person in europe and also have done works before for my label. Darrin if Psyche I meet him in rostock at his show (2 days before I did a DJ show there) in 2007 and he is very nice friend of sara noxx and ayria, both good friends and vocalists of isis signum. And sara noxx and I even did a live show as isis signum in milan italy in 2007 and she have been singing in isis signum since 2005. so I always recruit people who are friends, who are respected, who I admire or who I am fan of. Then even me I like my album as have all the artists I like colaborating there ;) and doing a vocal duet, its an honour ;)

Why did you choose "Going round" from Clan Of Xymox for the solitary cover version on this album?
- Helder: Because its one of the most electronic tracks from COX and cause was one of my favorites since the remake of that one in 1997 for the album “hidden faces”. its not too dark, not too gothic, not too electronic, its very good one ;)

My Victory: 

Helder: this song reflects who my life have been changing and I triumph against all ex girlfriend’s craps, problems, and life issues, its my “personal victory” and was the thought opening track for the album and was perfect for duet with Psyche. It’s a soft-medolic/beat track. And its inspired on how I felt last year in my personal life.

Helder: I love fetish issues and stuff, I have books, I have been asisting to fetish mascarades in canada, etc. love that stuff so I wanted to do that stuff as a track. The lyrics speaks it self ;) and the rhythm/sounds its inspired on the early electroclash tracks of david carretta, dj hell, etc. also electroclash fits for fetish stuff very well hehe ;)

Flesh and Blood:

Helder: I always wanted to do a vampire song, I used to like blutengel (early years) and tristese de la lune, etc. and even my dad used to love vampire films (lets say I entered the gothic stuff cause of his influence and taste for the vampires, ghosts and unexplained stuff) and this was a chance to do a song about vampire stuff. The lyrics told about im turing the girl into a vampire, and she wants me to take her blood and turn her for eternity “I can be your darkness, you are my night” its in english, spanish and some little german hehe.


Helder: this song is based on an Isis Signum song named “plastic culture” with vocals by Kindel of liquefaction, released in 2007. lets say it’s the “part II” for that song. I like it a lot as it speaks againts the system and the “plastic fashion” or the world we live in that tells that if you are not on fashion “you are out, not inn” that its CRAP. So I did this one to protest against the system we live inn. The sounds, again very synthie/retro/electroclashed.

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