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JOY DISASTER Interview/Entrevista com Nicolas Rohr

Joy Disaster is a post-punk, rock, new wave band from Nancy (France) founded in March 2005 by Nico (Nicolas Rohr) and since then they have been playing in concerts in several parts of Europe, Germany, Czech Republic, UK, Italy, etc… and in festivals as Fano Moonlight (Italy), in Drop Dead Festival (Prague) & Wave Gotik Treffen (Germany).

Joy Disaster in less than 6 years has become very known in the scene, are you happy about the band’s progress?

Of course, we only could be happy to have more audience and more interest from people about our music and about the way we choose in the underground scene.
People are great with us, even if the line up of the band has changed a lot since the last 6 years but I think actually the new line up is the best ever since J/D start.

Can you tell us the influence of Joy Division and the post-punk of the late 70’s and 80’s have in your lives and now in Joy Disaster as a band?

Influences came from the start of the band but now we have our own identity about songs and sound of the band on recording but in live concert at all… I think now nobody cares about the comparison between JOY/DISASTER and the cult band JOY DIVISION… I’m happy about because our name is great but from the start, many people thoughts about J/D like a cover band of JOY/DISASTER ! Now we sure JOY/DISASTER has no comparison… mix of rock, stoner, postpunk and old school music !!!

In the same year you have released the album “JD” with some great songs considered now as hits, for instance Artemis and Lobotomy. Were you expecting that reception?

Yes, JD was the first album after one year to promote our first demo for free, only to make the best promotion for our new band in 2005. We was really proud about our songs but I didn’t imagine that DJs & audience was so excited about our stuff and it was a very strong feedback for this first album… it was very exciting as a start !

“Paranoia” was released in 2006. There are tracks simply great such as Critical Place and Fade Away. One can wonder: where was your mind in this album?

It was a strange period because we have prepared these songs in practice with Malik (first drummer) & Franz (bass) few months before and Malik has decided to stop to play in the band and we have recorded the album with drum machine with Franz and I’ve rewritten the lyrics because of the ambience and the sound of the recording… we did it in Simon’s flat (actual guitarist in the band) that we’ve bored so much during few afternoon and evening!!!

Joy Disaster released in 2009 “The Light" which has a very amazing and powerful song with the same name as the EP. Did this EP enlightened your minds in some way?

Sadly the single "The Light" record as a single with the b-side "Today" was not used like a promo EP but only by medias like MySpace. At this time we didn't had any money to press or buy CDs and we've never finalized this project of EP... but now we knows this song is one of the powerful hit that we are playing live and audience give us the best feedback ever than an EP...

6. StäyGätôW, this 3rd album means Stay Drunk in Russian… Why this name for an album? Do you fancy drinking Vodka or simply Ricard?

Héhéhé, no it was a private joke with David our last drummer between 2008 & 2010… a private joke about a small kitten but it’s hard to explain about the vibe we had at this time !!! :o)… but finally when we made a tour in Central Europe in May 2009, one guy that we met from Russia told us about “Sty Drunk”… this way is more rock’n roll than to talk about a small kitten.. so so…
StäyGätôW was an album of transition, something like a compilation, a research… probably research about music, personalities with a need of change in the band… that’s why a big part of the lineup has changed in 2010 because the J/D period between 2009 and 2010 with 5 guys on stage was a fake or a big shit… it’s your way to approve or not ;o) !!!

Recently you have released the EP "Primary Care” with Manic Depression. Any words about this album?
“Primary Care” is a small presentation about the turn of J/D with the new line up and it was the time to recording something new to make wait our fans and friends before the next album… and this EP sounds very different but it was the project to try to work with a new sound engineer “Vincent VINEL” who is coming from “grindcore” scene and it was a wonderful experience and we want to work with him again for the forthcoming album… probably out for September 2011…

You have one cover of Decades from Joy Division, Decades but its unreleased. Why?

“Decades” was a project of recording to appear in a Canadian compilation of Joy Divison covers… it was the only reason!

On 18 March you will be performing at the GraveFest in Lisboa… what can the audience expect from Joy Disaster, would you like to unveil something about this upcoming concert?

It will be the third concert for us this year because we have cancelled shows in the UK after some troubles in Germany (our van and papers was stolen by a son of a bitch !!!)… and I assure you the you will see the best side ever of JOY/DISASTER… the best music, the best persons and the best energy on stage !!! Just keep rockin with us ! And with old stuff, middle stuff and new stuff !!!

Have you ever been in our country?

Not with J/D but I were in 2004 for a festival where THE CURE has played but I don’t remember the name of the fest and the place where we were ! ;o) But we droved across Portugal and your country is very amazing !

Do you have a final word for the underground community in Portugal?

We are very glad to join us for this perfect event that will be Gravefest 2011 and we hope to see you there and share some good Portuguese beers with you !!!

Thanks a lot to PORTALGOTICO for the interview and for your supporting!

Cheers !

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